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Restoring the Default Icons

Restoring with NightLight Desktop

If you've got NightLight Desktop then restoring the default icons is as simple as clicking the Default Icons tab on the left and then "Restore Default Icons" button.

Default Icons Tab & Restore Button in NightLight Desktop

Manually Restoring the Default Icons

Restoring the default icons is (almost) just a case of deleting any custom ones that you've installed.

The first step is to locate where your game is installed - see Installation Path for info on how to do this.

Once you have the path, open it in File Explorer and navigate to DeadByDaylight\Content\UI\Icons (if you didn't add it to the path already).

Inside that folder are various folders which correspond to the different icon types, i.e. Perks or CharPortraits - delete whichever you are looking to reset to default.

Lastly, to help avoid any issues, you'll want to verify your game files.