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Community Stats

Community stats refer to the data aggregated from thousands of matches uploaded to NightLight by individual players looking to track their games.


In an effort to provide a more accurate depiction & reduce biases from NightLight users themselves, there's a few requirements & criteria which control what's included in Community stats.

All Stats

  1. Matches must be reviewed
  2. Screenshots must have a valid match date
  3. PTB Games are excluded
  4. Only the original upload is counted (i.e. no shared matches are)

Stat Specific

StatFromExclusion Criteria
Killer Pick RatesSurvivor Games*
Killer Kill Rates/DistributionSurvivor Games*Farming Games, Incomplete Matches
Perks Usage/by Character"Random" Players
Builds"Random" PlayersContains Unknown Perks
Map StatsSurvivor Games*Farming Games, Incomplete matches, No Map Set

*In order for Kill Distribution stats to make sense, all survivors are included (i.e. NL users & friends as well as "randoms").

ℹ️ Incomplete matches are matches with any unknown or alive statuses

Perk Usage Colours

Perks around the site will usually have backgrounds of varying colour. These colours are intended to represent their "usage tiers" based on community stats. The idea is to give you a sense of how meta a perk or build might be at a glance.

The tiers are calculated based on what a perk's usage rate would be if they were all used equally. For instance, if there were 50 perks for a role which were all used equally then each would have a 2% usage rate. We could express this as being a 1x usage rate and group everything relative to that. So, a perk with a 5% usage rate would be 2.5x, and one with a 1% would be 0.5x - make sense?

The groups NightLight uses are:

  • 🟨 <0.5x
  • 🟩 0.5x - 1.5x
  • 🟪 1.5x - 3x
  • 🟥 >3x