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Match History

In the interest of not bankrupting myself/keeping the project sustainable, there is a limitation on how long matches can be viewed/queried for. This limitation or "history period" allows old matches to be archived in a cheaper format.

I currently have no plans to delete matches though the archiving of matches can appear to have the same effect as they'll no longer show on the site.

If you decide to support the project, and archived matches you have (up to the new limit) will be restored.

Current Limits:‚Äč

  • Regular Users: Last 60 Days
  • Supporters: Last 1080 Days (Effectively infinite as the project has only existed since February 2021).

I understand this restriction may be annoying but hosting & development is far from without cost. As the storing & querying stats is one of the largest costs to me, and also a sign of the site's value to you, it felt like a logical and fair thing to limit.