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Supporter FAQ

In order to make NightLight sustainable as the site grows and to potentially reward me with some tea and scones for my efforts, NightLight has a £3 a month membership available on Ko-fi. This membership should be viewed as a donation with some rewards as a thank you rather than an actual product.

As we live in a world where server costs exist, I decided to make Supporter a way for me to provide things that directly increase my costs - such as storing matches for longer. I think this combined with some more advanced and cosmetic features strikes a reasonable balance between incentivising support without overly limiting the core experience.

What are the Supporter Perks?

  • Increased Match History (60 ➔ 1080 days)
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Custom colour username & Supporter Badge
  • Customisable Profile Header Character
  • Discord Supporter Role & Channel Access
  • Forum Supporter Badge
  • Public Profile Bio (automatically taken from the forum. Example:
  • Higher batch upload limit (20 ➔ 50)
  • 20 Custom Tags

How do I get the perks?

If you visit you'll find the NightLight Supporter membership which you can join for £3 a month. After joining (provided your username or email address match that on your NightLight account) the perks will be granted automatically.

How do I Redeem the Discord Role?

  1. Make sure you have joined the NightLight Discord
  2. Visit
  3. Click Connect next to Discord under the Connected Accounts section to link your account

You should then be given the role automagically - please don't hesitate to reach out britishboop if there's any issues.

What should I do if I used a different name and email on Ko-fi?

If neither your Ko-fi name nor email match with your NightLight username or email the system won't be able to find you to grant your perks. It's not the end of the world, but you'll need to change something to match. You can edit either side:

Once you've updated your details, send me a DM (britishboop) and I'll get it to look for you again.

Can I support with something besides PayPal?

Unfortunately PayPal is the only option currently, I'd love to add another payment processor but I've struggled to find one which meets NightLight's and my needs.