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How to Take and Find Screenshots


If you're on PC you can install & configure ShareX to take/upload screenshots and open match review with a single button press. for more information, check out Keybind Uploads with ShareX


How to take screenshots

By default, the shortcut key is F12. If that doesn't work, in the Steam client go to Steam > Settings > In-Game and make sure "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" is checked (you can also change the keybinding here and disable the screenshot sound if you would like).

How to find the screenshot folder

Once you have taken a screenshot, Post-Game Summary should appear under the Dead by Daylight page in your Steam library. Right click on one and in the window that opens, click Show on Disk. I'd recommend pinning this folder to the quick access pane.

Windows Store / Epic Games Store

How to take screenshots

Windows allows you to take screenshots with Windows + Alt + PrtScn.

How to find the screenshot folder

By default, screenshots are saved to a folder called Captures in your Videos folder. You can use File Explorer to move the Captures folder somewhere else if you wish.


The process for taking screenshots on console isn't one I'm overly familiar with. You'll need to find a way to capture and then upload the screenshot to NightLight (which is usually achieved by transferring the image to a phone or computer).

If you know more about uploading from console, please reach out on Discord to help improve this guide for others.