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Keybind Uploads with ShareX


UPDATE: You can now completely avoid this multi-level dungeon of a tutorial by installing the NightLight Desktop app - it will even capture the screenshot automatically!

This guide will walk you through configuring ShareX to take & upload screenshots of the Dead by Daylight scoreboard screen to NightLight via a hotkey.

The main advantage of this is convenience, but it can also help with "screenshot too large" errors when uploading thanks to decent defaults & great configurability.

You will need the following

An API token, which you can create at (Make sure you give they key the "Upload" permission!)

ShareX! It's a free and open source screenshotting tool, you can download it from

1. Add NightLight as an Upload Destination

Open Custom uploader settings

Custom Uploader Settings

Edit the following config to include your API token

Copy the following config to somewhere you can edit it and replace the REPLACE_ME part of the Authorization line with the API key you created at the start of this guide. (It should look like "Authorization": "Bearer frU6CtdglUL7n83mTuVc48wzLLlbOhX7K8LY46-g2gY=").

"Version": "13.6.1",
"Name": "NightLight Uploader",
"DestinationType": "ImageUploader",
"RequestMethod": "POST",
"RequestURL": "",
"Headers": {
"Authorization": "Bearer REPLACE_ME"
"Body": "MultipartFormData",
"FileFormName": "file",
"URL": "$json:data.url$",
"ErrorMessage": "$json:error.message$"

Copy the edited config and click Import > From clipboard

Import Config From Clipboard

2. Set up the Hotkey

Add a new hotkey

Head back to the main ShareX window and create a hotkey by going to Hotkey Settings > Add. While you're there, configure it to capture the active window (which will be Dead by Daylight when we're playing) by going to Screen Capture in the dropdown and selecting Capture Active Window.

Create a Hotkey that captures the active window

Open our hotkey's Task Settings

On the Hotkey Settings window, click the cog icon on our new hotkey row to bring up the Task Settings window.

Set a description and then check the Override after capture tasks box before expanding its dropdown and selecting Upload image to host. Feel free to unset any existing options.


Check Override after upload tasks and select Open URL

This step will make ShareX open the match review screen automatically. You don't have to do this - you can find a link to review any unverified matches on the Matches page.

Feel free to deselect any existing options here as well.


Check Override destinations and change the image uploader to Custom image uploader


Check Override default custom uploader and ensure our custom uploader from earlier is selected


Close the Task Settings window and set a keybind

I set mine to CTRL+N for NightLight


You're good to go (hopefully)!

You can test the uploader by opening an old screenshot in full screen and trying out your shortcut. If it works, be sure to delete the match to avoid messing up your stats!

If you run into issues, feel free to reach out in the Discord.