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Screenshot Requirements

NightLight's image recognition system tries to accommodate as much as possible but game & screenshot settings vary immensely so recognition rates & accuracy may too.

The requirements are fairly lax but the system is optimised for default icons and no filters.

Feel free to try uploading with filters or custom icons but your results will suffer the further you go from the default game.

Screenshot Requirements:

  • Default icons
    • Custom icons aren't officially supported with the recognition system yet. Packs which are similar to the default may still work though. See the Custom Icons page for more info.
  • 1080x720p or greater
    • This is very much a minimum requirement, you'll likely be reviewing a few icons here.
  • 5MB or smaller
    • Almost all screenshots are much smaller than this. Some tools have defaults set much higher though, I'd suggest checking if you can adjust the format/compression settings etc. If you can't adjust these, reach out in the Discord explaining your situation as it might be possible to increase your limit.


  • 1920x1080p or greater
  • 16x9 aspect ratio
    • The system should be able to find the scoreboard for most ratios but some result in a smaller scoreboard which will affect things.
  • 100% UI Scale
  • No/Minimal filters - a lot of people do use filters, but it's not optimised for it. Feel free to try with it but your mileage may vary.

What screen should I be uploading?

You want to upload pictures of the following screen. There's no need to crop it (in fact cropping it will likely cause it to not be recognised). How to Take Screenshots

Example Screenshot