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Requirements & Limits

To help ensure packs work properly and to avoid anything extra being uploaded, the NightLight app will do what it can to validate packs. This validation will check things like icon names/paths, and image dimensions.

In addition to these functional requirements, there's also some "limits" on things like file and pack sizes. They are far above what any icon/pack should need and exist to help ensure a sustainable future for NightLight.

Folder Requirements

As with the icon file names, the folder structure of icon packs is very important. There's various icon categories and whilst you might only be interested in one (i.e. Perks or Portraits), you still need to structure the pack correctly to avoid "Unrecognised path" errors.

A proper folder structure looks like this (Haiti/Qatar are the code names for 2 of the DLCs, for the game to detect your icons they have to be in the correct DLC folder and with the correct filename):

  • My Icon Pack - Parent folder named however you wish. This is what you should select when uploading
    • Perks
      • Haiti
        • iconPerks_autodidact.png
      • iconPerks_kindred.png
      • Other DLC folders & icons that you've changed...
    • CharPortraits
      • Qatar
        • QM_charSelect_portrait.png
      • WR_charSelect_portrait.png
      • Other DLC folders & icons that you've changed...
    • Other "Category" folders for icons you've changed...

You do not need to include category folders or icon files which your pack doesn't change (in fact it's strongly preferred that you don't).

Icon Requirements

File Name/Path

For an icon to show in game, it must have the correct file name/path. The easiest way to get this right is to just edit/work from the Default Icons.

Image Format

Must be PNG

Note: File extensions don't guarantee a file's format - if you're seeing an error for a .png file it's probably a renamed JPG.

Image Dimensions

If icons aren't sized correctly they will display incorrectly/be cropped. For the most part, icons conform to a few standard sizes, here they are listed by category/folder:

350x350px - legacy size which still works
Packs (Auric Cell Store Images)512x1024px

There are a few exceptions to the standard sizes (for some reason). They're such small differences that I doubt they'd be noticeable but the app will warn about them.

Icon PathSize

NightLight Limits

In addition to the requirements above, there's a couple of NightLight imposed "limits" - these shouldn't affect legitimate usage.

Pack Quantity

There isn't a hard limit on pack uploads but by default, there's a limit of 2 per user. This limit exists purely to prevent abuse. If you find yourself reaching this it, reach out in the Discord and I'll get it raised for you.

Pack Size

Packs are limited to 200 MB

File Size

There's a limit of 1 MB per icon

Tantrum causing a Tantrum?

The most common size issue is a result of the /Powers/iconPowers_Tantrum.png file as in some cases it far exceeds the 1MB limit. This seems to be caused by a large amount of Photoshop metadata being embedded in the file. The easiest fix for this is to just upload the file to Discord and "Open Original" > Download as Discord strips image metadata.